Chris Sheldon & Van Gould are a creative team in New York City.

Hammer Jam!


How do you celebrate a three-week building event in Clash of Clans?
You have a Hammer Jam.

What did I just watch?
— ZacAttack (YouTube Comment)

Official Lyrics

Come on Builder, Hammer Jam.
Come on now Builder, Hammer Jam.
Ribba dab dab-bab diba, Hammer Jam.
Hammer Hammer Jam, Hammer Jam Hammer Hammer Jam.

Ooh, you better catch that hammer.
Hammer Jam!
Jam a Ham!


Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer Jam. Hammer Jam.
Hammer Jam, what's that? It's a Hammer Jam.
Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer Jam, Hammer Jam.
Hammer Jam. Hammer Jam. Hammer Jammmm!
Hammer Jam, Hammer Jam, Hammer Jam, Jam a Ham.
Hammer Jam, Jam a Ham, Hammer Jam, Hammer Jam.


Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer Jam, Hammer Jam.
Hammer Jam, Hammer Jam, Jamma Jamma Jam.
Whamma wham, bam a bam, bam a whamma wham.
Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammaaaaaaaa…JAM!

The video currently has over 21 million views and was one of
the most successful in-game events in Clash of Clans history.