Chris Sheldon & Van Gould are a creative team in New York City.

Dr. T vs. Everybody

Boom Beach: Dr. T vs. Everybody

We created an in-game update with the nice people at Supercell and then crafted a campaign to support its release.

The update? A Megacrab super weapon Boom Beachers could destroy together over the holidays.

The campaign? A bald idiot.

A Mad Scientist Took Over the Airwaves to Announce a Super Weapon He’s Dropping Next Week
— Adweek

Dr. T proceeded to buy nearly every billboard he could and picked fights with people around the world.








"Helpful" Care Packages

Dr. T sent five Boom Beach YouTubers a care package to "help" them defeat his Megacrab.

This was not helpful.
— @NickatNyteYT


Dr T's Helpful Tips Websites

Dr. T also created a series of helpful websites for how to defeat his Megacrab and sent them out through Boom Beach social.